30 October 2014

big balls

pictures taken on a walk in a neighborhood with higher earners.
are big green balls in the front yard kind of a status symbol ?
the bigger the better ? 

21 October 2014

autumn floor

the sidewalks are currently covered by autumnal patterns.
enjoy your walks! 

15 October 2014

cemetery green

some pieces from late summer of one of europeans oldest cemeteries.

here is apparently still budget for intensive green care.

so good!

07 October 2014


people on the beach enjoying early autumn.

and i enjoy how they are spreaded in pink and blue all over the beach.

04 October 2014

beech tree

several perspectives of one (fallen) tree in an autumnal forest.

01 October 2014

sand and soil

just some fancy sand movement.

reminds me of `marble cake`.