24 June 2013


proudly presents - home-grown radish

20 June 2013


this is the ugliest caterpiller i've ever seen. and there is no hope that
it will be a beautiful butterfly one day....


took these pictures at our kajak-tour.

finally great weather !

16 June 2013

balcony details

rusty, chipped and covered with moss -  still like it.
had a nice sunday?

14 June 2013



Rainy France in April - love the colours

12 June 2013

underwater topography



aquatic life - seen in "hagenbeck's"

04 June 2013


springtime is "kitsch-time"... all the blossoms everywhere .... 

this pictures were taken close by wismar, at the former LaGa area

02 June 2013

miniature golf scapes

i do love this little miniatur landscapes.
in particular when they are lovely decorated - like this one... ;-)

 enjoy your sunday !

01 June 2013

igs hamburg

i'll be back on track and you will see more landscapestuff again :)