02 December 2013




snapshots from a misty autobahn-ride in november.
next time we`ll drive through a snowy winter-wonderland ?

winter morning

good morning hh.

28 November 2013



had some nice roadtrips last weekend - hope you enjoyed your days too?

12 November 2013

11 November 2013


hope you can take some time off today, to find the sunny gaps outside!

27 October 2013



all the leaves felt down, and the sky was blue, i went for a walk, on a sunny day.

i think all of us recognized this amazing colours and structures the floor is covered with these days....enjoy your sunday!

22 October 2013

weekend trip

if you have some time left you should do a trip to schleswig-holstein and enjoy old buildings, old gardens and old trees
- especially during romantic autumn time

20 October 2013

autumn balcony


the bergenia, hosta, saxifragaceae and the dune-grass wearing meanwhile a colourfull autumn-dress....
time to say good-bye for this year - see you fresh and green coming march!

17 October 2013


i like my new foto-filter, i think it matches perfectly with the dusty, greyish autumn atmosphere out there.

13 October 2013

industrial site

some details taken on a walk through a former industrial site.
have a sunny sunday! 

04 October 2013


several ways to clarify what`s your property

03 October 2013


Thanks, E. !